Because it’s 2017

I’ve been hearing news and reading articles about these trending line that came right from the mouth of Ms. Nadine Lustre — I’m a fan, yes but not because I’m a fan, I will be idolizing the things she does even if it meant wrong.

I don’t hate Nadine Lustre as a person. I love her. What I don’t like is we get all the nerve to protect and fight for some belief that is wrong.

As it was said in Ecclesiastes, that God created everything beautiful in His time, let’s not rush into things that could outrun the perfect time of God just because the relationship seems so cool or perfect even. 

God is a God of perfect timing, if he allows it to happen now, everyone will see it beautifully. We are accountable to the people around us may, it be closest friends or even fans, so learn to listen. Its not that bad.

It’s just sad to know that some thought that these opinions were bashing or hating Nadine Lustre but no. I just wanted to let people know that not everything that is trending or really “good” for the world is literally good. Sometimes, we get conformed on what the world can offer but God created us to give glory to Him not to give glory to what he created and make it our god.

Let’s not forget to know the creator and to do what his word says.
Not because it’s 2017, when you feel comfortable doing something out of line, its okay. Don’t violate how God sees marriage as beautiful as it can be by living-in.
I love you, Nadz. I wish you happiness. God bless you more. 


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