Walk Away πŸ’“

Hi. I’m Keem, can we talk? Yes, you!

Are you in a relationship or are you in a “no-label-relationship-but-we-are-committed-so-yeah” relationship? Hmm. Well, if you are, I hope these thoughts would help.

Have you ever been in a supermarket and you’re not sure what to buy? Or in a clothing store but not sure what to choose because you like both? Here’s the thing, darling, if you really are faithful to ypur partner, would you really have feelings for the second person in your life?

I know what you will say…

“I just got tempted”, “I can’t feel him/her”, “He/she cheated once, I guess its fair to do it also cause I’ll end it soon”, or “We don’t talk anymore” then why did you actually went in that relationship without praying for it?

It will have struggles and that’s common but you knpw what we often forget when we fall in love? It’s to pray whether is it the time and the person or not. 

If God permits and allows it and is really giving it to you for marriage, you’ll date until you marry because he will not let any man separate but if it is not God’s gift, all kind of separation method will occur just like the separation techniques in chemistry.

1. Filtration. You will start filtering chores, responsibilities, and even efforts. If one fails to do the appointed things to them, quarrel will occur.

2. Evaporation. Love will fade and it’ll just turn into vapor. It will turn to some unnamed emotions and you will suddenly feel empty and dissatisfied.

3. Magnetism. If love isn’t there, trust isn’t there, or even compassion isn’t there, you’ll get attracted to people who can give you that or people who will make you feel that. And you are already cheating.

4. Simple Distillation. From quarrels, faded love, and detachment, it’ll all bpil down to tears. You’ll collect all the pain in your heart until it will manifest into tears and hearts will exactly break right there.

You see, we tend to pursue and fight for something unhealthy and not God-given. Let us walk away from these kinds of relationship that doesn’t make us grow with Christ.


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