Alone Time

Emo, senti, drama… You call it names but in reality, we need it. 

Alone time is important.

There’s a lot of times that we thought that being alone is aloof. Being alone is not “in”. Being alone is ugly. Being alone means no one wants you. Being alone means no one wants to befriend you. Honestly, it is beautiful. Sometimes, being alone is better than being with people within the busy streets of town and chatting the day out.

As I’m not getting any younger, I realized that it’s not love that is hard to give but time. Time has always been there but we neglect the existence of it by wasting it on something so petty. I know that we all need rest and some time off but let’s do things that would make us look back someday that we could say “I love to do that again without regrets.” Something that would keep us awake at night, smiling not crying.

Alone time makes us appreciate ourselves more. It makes us reflect and evaluate ourselves. We see the value God has identified us with. When we’re alone, we take the time off from stress and paperworks. We give more time to our devotion. We give more time in managing our schedules better than planning it with someone else. For me, it gives us a break and makes us see that God can give us rest in the most unexpected forms.

It is hard to beg someone for their time. Out of their busy schedules, when people gives you even their little time, you are already labeled as important. So if ever you’ve felt that God haven’t gave you his time, think again. He wiped your tears when you were weeping, he hugged you when you needed someone to lean on to, and he even lend his ears to listen to your daily rants and comments.

I guess that’s enough reason to give Him your alone time.


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