A love that never fails

A lot of people have already said to you that he’s not good for you or you’re too good to be true for him— he doesn’t deserve you and a lot more judgment than you could ever hear and imagine but maybe, they’re right. They’re right to say that he is not good enough or you are not qualified for his standards.

Most of the time, we don’t see what others see. We are blinded by the thought of “I want him and he wants me, so what should I be scared of?” or you might say that “They will not be the ones who will get into the relationship, why bother hearing what they have to say?” 

That was also me before, darling. We rush ourselves falling in love because the world sets the standard for love— we set the standard for love when in fact, God should be the only standard of love we look upon to.

He is the kind of love that never fails and never gives up. He is the kind of boyfriend that never tolerates but justifies. He is the kind of husband that never cheats nor lies. He is the perfect kind of love and that’s what we often forget— we forget that we are the King of kings’ daughters and sons, we forget that there’s this love that sacrificed Himself for you to be saved, we tend to forget that there’s a love that lasts forever and for eternity. A kind of love that never forgets.

So just be patient, waiting heart. He is not done yet with your story. He is not done yet with your walk that’s why stop worrying for love that leads to misunderstanding. Stop waiting for a love that leads to failure, rather, start hoping that this lost world will eventually experience the love that wakes you up and gives you light every morning and never leaves you when the night comes.


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